Service Tip: What is a Cabin Filter?

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What is a cabin air filter?

Cabin air filters work to remove almost all airborne particles, including: pollen, road dust, soot, and other microscopic particles that decrease the quality of the air being emitted from your vehicle’s air vents.

Benefits of replacing your Air Filter

  • Cleaner air in passenger compartment.
  • Helps remove dust, soot, and air born pollen.
  • Helps remove microscopic particles and foul odors.
  • Reduces allergy related problems.
  • Improves your vehicles heating and air-conditioning performance.

When should you change your cabin air filter?

The general guideline for replacing cabin air filters is every 20,000 to 25,000 kilometers, or at least once a year.

Where are cabin air filters located?

Cabin air filters are typically located under your vehicle’s dashboard or attached to the glove box. Others may be located in the engine compartment. Our licensed service technician will know exactly where they are located for your vehicles make and model.

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